IVOLVE Lightroom Develop Brushes

My Lightroom develop brushes!

This a set of 10 essential Lightroom brushes and radial filters which help to give your images the extra pop and polish to make them really shine. I use them on pretty much every single image which I deliver to clients or publish online.

  1. [IVO] Burn (darken)
  2. [IVO] Circle of Light
  3. [IVO] Dodge (Lighten)
  4. [IVO] Dodge + (Lighten)
  5. [IVO] Enhance
  6. [IVO] Face Pop
  7. [IVO] Face Pop +
  8. [IVO] Face Pop ++
  9. [IVO] Soft Background
  10. [IVO] Soft skin

After download check your downloads folder for the IVOLVE_BRUSHES.zip file and the unzip and copy the folder to the Local Adjustments folder of Lightroom on your computer.

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